Is White Rock’s water damaging your home?

What is our water doing to our homes? This is a picture of the inside of the water pipes heading into a local Condo building from the Water Meter. 

The pipe in these pictures was nearly blocked by the vast amounts of brown sludge coming into it from White Rock’s water supply! As water rushing through this tiny gap, it picks up this sludge and it ends up in your water heater, and in your water glass.

If this damages hot water heaters, what is it doing to your health?

It is important that Strata owners and single family home owners have their pipes inspected, and take a sample of this sludge and have it analyzed by Exova in North Surrey. Document the levels of Arsenic, Manganese, Lead, and Bacteria (if any).

Know what you are drinking! 
Have your Water Meter pipes inspected, and take a sample of any deposits you find. Have your water and this sludge checked by an Independent Lab such as Exova in North Surrey.

If you have health concerns about our water, the Fraser Health Board is meeting this June 16th. You can submit a question about your water to the Fraser Health board online here. The deadline for submitting questions is 4 PM, Tuesday June 13th. 



The White Rock public has been assured that White Rock government will have a plan in place to deal with any piped water that ends in the general environment whether it is being disinfected using chlorine or chloramine.

The recent Five Corners fire saw a lot of firefighting water make its way to the ocean via surface and pipe. Was any of it treated as per the assurances given by city hall ? No one will tell us. But we can guess that the answer is NO.

The fact that spills in the aquatic environment are usually not planned for was the main reason the Regional Council of Engineers voted overwhelmingly against chloramine in the Metro water supply back in the 1990s.

All disinfectants including chlorine still require a REALISTIC plan to deal with this kind of introduction of piped water into the environment and to date , White Rock residents have yet to see it.