Is White Rock’s water damaging your home?

What is our water doing to our homes? This is a picture of the inside of the water pipes heading into a local Condo building from the Water Meter. 

The pipe in these pictures was nearly blocked by the vast amounts of brown sludge coming into it from White Rock’s water supply! As water rushing through this tiny gap, it picks up this sludge and it ends up in your water heater, and in your water glass.

If this damages hot water heaters, what is it doing to your health?

It is important that Strata owners and single family home owners have their pipes inspected, and take a sample of this sludge and have it analyzed by Exova in North Surrey. Document the levels of Arsenic, Manganese, Lead, and Bacteria (if any).

Know what you are drinking! 
Have your Water Meter pipes inspected, and take a sample of any deposits you find. Have your water and this sludge checked by an Independent Lab such as Exova in North Surrey.

If you have health concerns about our water, the Fraser Health Board is meeting this June 16th. You can submit a question about your water to the Fraser Health board online here. The deadline for submitting questions is 4 PM, Tuesday June 13th. 


White Rock wants Safe drinking water!

Attention White Rock Residents!
Speak out to keep your tap water safe and drinkable!
Without public consultation, Mayor Baldwin and City Council have voted to approve the addition of Chloramine to our tap water!

Chloramine is never been proven safe for long-term human consumption, and is known to leach out deadly lead from existing water pipes and to be deadly to marine life. EPCOR recommended the use of Chlorine which IS proven safe for human consumption and for marine life.


We have paid dearly for the right to own and control our own water supply, yet in a secret deal that Mayor Baldwin refuses to disclose until after the next election, Mayor Baldwin is taking away our control by adding unwanted Chloramine to our water supply!

This is something that EPCOR advised against when they recommended that Chlorine be used instead. So why is Mayor Baldwin rushes to push this through in January 2016 without proper study and public consultation?

Read the flyer below and stay tuned for more information about the upcoming rally on Monday January 11th at Noon in front of City Hall!

Water is life, and Mayor Baldwin and White Rock City Council are risking our health without proper study and public consultation!