Due Diligence

As White Rock government  splashes  taxpayer money around in efforts to convince the great unwashed  that water quality is priority one, they  divert attention away from one simple fact. There is a good chance that local government  has not done proper due diligence during the purchasing process. Once that possibility is duly appreciated, the relationship between mysterious  water  conditions  and current management may be of more interest to the water-consuming  public.

Due diligence requires  execution to a “standard of care”. A standard is an arguable, philosophic concept except where it is spelled out in legal terms.

Regardless, some facts are pertinent.

Epcor discontinued the stated White Rock Utility goal of having no pipes over 25 years of age.

Once the disinfection mandate was in place, huge sections of the distribution  system  were  likely close to  worthless.  Only due diligence by experienced organic chemists could have canvassed  that possibility.

Were they consulted?  You may well ask.

Local government is buying  a utility whose price should  factor in a highly depreciated  distribution system.

The system  may likely need major upgrades no matter what the source water. Meanwhile does government  believe that tweaking and flushing  will be the only work needed on the existing pipe system, given the stated desire to  stick to heavy metal groundwater?

If the price is still being negotiated or in any part still to be arbitrated, will Epcor claim it is White Rock’s level of competence in their chemistry experiments that is causing  problems,  not the piping system ?

Figures floated to the public constitute no proof that treating heavy metal well water is going to cost less than paying to join the Metro Vancouver water system.

There is no proof on offer that piping will not be an ongoing  problem even with arsenic and manganese removed from the groundwater at source.

There is no proof  on offer that grant money would not be available to both join the  Metro water system  and upgrade the piping system. Or that the Metro entry fee could not be arbitrated just as it will likely be with Semiahmoo First Nation.

Were  any of these proofs sought after and manifest in evidentiary form,  were they now the subject of public  rather than secret debate, one might suppose  that local government  had performed  a certain level  of  due diligence.

David Riley – Founding Member,
The White Rock Safe Water Alliance



City Council Reverses its Decision to Add Chloramine to White Rock Water!

An interesting day today. About 175 people braved the cold to rally at City Hall at noon to protest the intended use of Chloramine in our water. Thank you to all who were able to attend.

This evening, Fraser Health made a presentation to City Council on water disinfectants, after which all six Councillors and the Mayor discussed the Chloramine vs Chlorine topic before a Council Chambers packed by the Public that overflowed into the lobby.

At the end of the lengthy discussion, Councillor Lawrence made a motion to seek a time limit extension from Fraser Health to extend the June 1, 2016 deadline for a water disinfectant to enable the City to get in place an Arsenic and Manganese Reduction /Removal Plant. As the second part of the motion, Chlorine, NOT Chloramine, is to be used as the water disinfectant in the interim. All seven people on Council voted in favour of this motion.

While time will tell what sort of latitude Fraser Health will allow, thank you to all who helped ensure that White Rock City Council took a second look at Chloramine.


[Editor’s note – Read more about the Rally in the Peace Arche news here: http://www.peacearchnews.com/news/364923411.html ]

Andrew on Bridge

White Rock Residents say Whoa! to Chloramine in drinking water!

Read the Jan 7th background story in the Province by Jennifer Saltman

About 200 unhappy residents were at the meeting tonight to object to the 21 and 24 story towers proposed on tiny little Oxford Street

About 200 unhappy residents were at the meeting tonight with one message that was loud and clear: Stick to the OCP!

Densification provides residents with no benefits, nor does White Rock benefit. It is all about developers making false claims (and there were too many to mention tonight!), and making a dollar while they can.

White Rock is already the 5th most densely populated city in BC, but are taxes remain sky high, our schools are over crowded, wait times at the hospital emergency ward are out of control, our roads are congested, and our policing and fire fighting bills are climbing. All this gets worse as we strive to build up density. What is in it for residents? Nothing.

So why do this White Rock? This land is zoned for Utilities. It is not supposed to have any residential lots on it at all. It was donated by the Goggs family for use as an aquifer. Why rezone it just so EPCOR can sell it off and make $12M? Turn this request down, and White Rock will own this 2.7 acre parcel of land when we purchase the Water Utility from EPCOR later this year.

Why would our Mayor and City Councillors choose any other option than to turn down this rezoning request, and reap a huge benefit for the city of acquiring this land along with the rest of the utility when it buys it?

Email your comments to Chris McBeath of the city planning department at CMcbeath@WhiteRockCity.ca. He would like to receive all comments from the public by this Friday is possible.
Architectural Diagram for 21 and 24 Story Towers - 1454 Oxford Street