Glyphosate in White Rock Drinking Water

Besides arsenic, manganese, and lead, they have now found Glyphosate (also known as Round-Up) in our drinking water. While the city continues to pour millions of our tax dollars down the drain, building more wells, and ignoring the obvious: White Rock well water is unhealthy and we need to switch to Metro Vancouver water as recommended by Fraser Health back in 2013.

In case you did not know, Glyphosate in high doses has been shown to cause cancer with high probability, and there is some evidence that it is also linked to gene mutations, which are also a possible cause of Cancer. Risk associated with low doses of Glyphosate are still unclear.

Shouldn’t our Mayor and Council warn us about this risk in our drinking water?  Why is Fraser Health being silent on this? What should White Rock do about this? The answer is clear: we need to switch to safe and clean Metro Vancouver drinking water now!

Want more details on Glyphosate? Listen to the pod cast by clicking on the picture below, or read more at here

Click below for the PodCast with Council Critic Ross Buchanan. Our thanks to Ross for bringing this to our attention! Shouldn’t the Mayor and Fraser Health have raised this issue to?


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