Arsenic and its Impact on your Health – A Free Information Session, July 27th 7pm

To All White Rock Water Users:

Please feel free to spread this far and wide among White Rock water users.

Drinking Water, Arsenic, and Cancer

Well aware that Arsenic in drinking water can be a serious health issue because Arsenic is a known carcinogen, back on February 17, 2014, the Fraser Health Authority directed the EPCOR White Rock (EWR) Water Utility to prepare an Arsenic and Manganese Management plan that considered monitoring, options for managing arsenic and manganese levels, public education and outreach, and a contingency plan to address non-compliance with the maximum allowable concentration. Fraser Health also recommended that EPCOR conduct a risk assessment that considered the health, public and financial aspects of options for addressing arsenic and manganese.

EPCOR responded to Fraser Health on April 30, 2014 and EPCOR’s s response, entitled Arsenic and Manganese Risk Management Plan EPCOR White Rock Water System,is also attached.

In its response, EPCOR  provided its proposed plan to manage the arsenic and manganese levels in the White Rock system at that time (2014) and in the future including:

  • –  continued monitoring of arsenic and manganese levels in the system;
  • a treatment plan;
  • –  public education and communication plan; and
  • –  a contingency plan

However, unfortunately neither EPCOR nor the City of White Rock (who took over sole control, responsibility  and operation of the water utility in October of 2015) has done anything with respect to the requirement for an Arsenic and Manganese “public education and communication plan“.

Nor, unfortunately, has Fraser Health required either EPCOR or the City of White Rock as the water utility operator to comply to its past directions on “public education and outreach” about Arsenic and Managanese.

As a result, arrangements have been made by other concerned White Rock water users to bring in a guest speaker, Dr. Trevor Dummer, to speak about “Drinking Water, Arsenic and Your Health”. Dr. Dummer is an Associate Professor in the Cancer Prevention Centre at UBC and is an Investigator for the Canadian Cancer Society.      

Attendance is FREE and as will be noted on the attached poster, the meeting will take place as follows:

 7 PM Wednesday, July 26, 2017

 at the White Rock First United Church, 15385 Semiahmoo Avenue, White Rock.

Everyone is welcome, please try to attend and please feel free to spread this notice far and wide.

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