Orange Tides in White Rock

What is causing this orange water at our beach? The city speculates that it may be organic material, but orange algae blooms occur in the ocean, not in storm sewers as is happening in this case. This has happened before. It happened in early June 2014, and also in 2007.

One research scientist examined a sample of the orange slime coming from the Anderson storm sewer, and said it looked like simple inorganic Iron Oxide (aka rust!). The samples are still being tested, but it seems unlikely that this is organic material since the orange water was coming directly from the Anderson storm drains, and were emptying into the beach.

Could this rust be coming from our water mains that White Rock paid EPCOR over $15M for? Could this be why over 500 residents had complained recently of brown muddy water coming out of their tapes in the last few weeks?

All speculation at this point, but we will keep you informed as we learn more.
For more, read the May 8th Peace Arch News article here.
Orange Waters in White Rock - May 8th from Anderson Outflow

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