Is there a Safe Alternative to Chloramine in our Water?

Is there an alternative to chemically treating our water that is safe for both people and the Environment?

Both EPCOR and Fraser Health recommended the use of Chlorine, not Chloramine in our drinking water in2013. Chlorine is a safe chemical additive that has been scientifically proven safe for long-term consumption, while Chloramine has not. Now the city is claiming that Chloramine is safe, but where is the science to back that up. It does not exist.

Instead, they will quote that many cities use Chloramine. This is not science. But those cities do not live on a Environmentally sensitive Salmon hatchery area. Remember that we were once all told that Asbestos was safe too. We need science, not vacuous assurances from a Mayor with no expertise in Chemistry or health.

While Chlorine is preferable to Chloramine, it’s not a World-Class solution.

Many large cities in North America and Europe use no chemicals at all. Two communities in the U.S. that are using granulated activated charcoal (GAC) instead of chloramine are Grand Isle Vermont and Charlottesville Virginia.

The high levels of Arsenic and Manganese in our water can be efficiently and cheaply removed through sand filtration at our Water Plant.

Modern Best-Practices can be found in Europe where they use high-tech micro-filters to remove all pathegens without chemicals, resulting in pure chemical-free and delicious safe drinking water.

Why is nobody at City Hall researching these safe alternatives?

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