Is Chloramine Safe?

The health issues caused by Chloramine added to tap water has been known for a long time and people such as San Francisco’s Citizens Concerned About Chloramine have an excellent website with lots of expert information about it and its impact on your health.
 Citizens Concerned About Chloramine
Chloramine was tried in Vancouver and Surrey, resulting in the salmon in Fergus Creek being wiped out by two small spills. In White Rock, EPCOR had about 10 small spills a year. What will this do to wildlife at our beach?
Chloramine use is banned in 99% of Europe, large areas of the US, and was quickly discontinued in Surrey after numerous water spills and breaks in the lines.
Mayor Baldwin says that he is comfortable with Chloramine, but are you? He also said that Garbage privitizarion and its increased service fees were a good thing, that the hump needed to be clearcut, and that the Regional Growth Strategy was legally binding on White Rock (which it is not). Why should we trust Mayor Baldwin’s opinion on this when EPCOR themselves had recommended Chlorine over Chloramine?
 Is your tap water safe - cropped
Don’t take anyone’s word on this. Get informed and be heard. Read more about the CCAC here:

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