White Rock Water Matters – Meeting June 3rd at 7pm to Discuss

The White Rock Accountable Water committee along with Water Watch CUPE and the Council of Canadians delegation to White Rock City Council will be hosting a forum to discuss concerns over White Rock Water at the First United Church at 7pm on Monday June 3rd.

Margaret Woods will be making a presentation on the benefits of White Rock owning and controlling its own Water Utility. The forum will also include discussion on concerns over water quality. Concerns include the need for chlorination, plus higher than acceptable levels of Manganese and Arsenic.

An overview of EPCOR’s management of the utility plus their future plans to improve water quality will also be presented.waterwatch-ad-May2013-col

2 thoughts on “White Rock Water Matters – Meeting June 3rd at 7pm to Discuss

  1. I am sorry that I missed the forum on June 3, 2013.
    I am supporting your efforts, you may call on me at any time.
    When EPCOR called a meeting some time ago after the E-coli incident,
    three people showed up, which showed the kind of interest White Rock
    citizents had for the use of our water. It is time that we do a better job!
    I should like to meet with your committee, and give my contribution to the community.
    Dr. Karl H. Cremer

  2. I am so pleased to hear the city is taking the steps to regain control of our water utilities. This provides great benefits to the community, so thank you for the efforts. It’s time to take back the tap!

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